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12.2.2015 TKF fiber optic cable catalogue 2015

We are pleased to inform you about a release of new TKF fiber optic cable catalogue 2015. Please, download here: TKF fiber optic cable catalogue 2015

11.12.2014 Company anniversary

At the occasion of the fifth anniversary of REWAN Ltd. we organized a social gathering of our customers, partners and employees on 11th-12th December 2014 in Alexandra Wellness Hotel, Liptovsky Jan. We would like to thank all who have accepted the invitation and the anniversary celebrate with us. In the same time we would like to thank all our business partners who have contributed to the successful history of our company.

10.10.2014 ACE Small Termination Closure

This new closure design is constructed to support butt or in-line low count splice applications in a direct buried or below grade environment and pole/ wall mounted applications near the end of you network. The closures’ compact size and rugged exterior allow for installation in tight spaces without compromising functionality. Four corner entrance ports provide the installer the flexibility to quickly configure the closure as needed. Flexible sealing technology supports a wide range of flat or round cable profiles up to 9 mm diameter. The optional Fixation set makes the ACE Small Termination Closure also suitable for Loose tube minicables (LTMC). The cover of the two piece design contains a factory installed gasket and is able to be quickly snapped onto the base during assembly. With the capacity to support up to 16 single fusion splices and patching capability up to 3 SC duplex or LC quadplex connectors, it will quickly become the closure you will want to have on hand. Datasheet


8.8.2014 Announcement of portfolio-extension fibre optic cables

We are pleased to inform you about the commercial release of a new cable: D-DAC LSZH 2f. (Dry-DAC)

This Dry-DAC is derived from our existing, well-known outdoor DAC, but differs in sheathing-material (LSZH, instead of PP) and secondary coating of fibres (dry buffered, instead of gel-filled tube), consequently suitable for indoor and outdoor (universal) application.

Its main characteristics are as follows (also presented in the header of its datasheet): Dry Direct Access Cable (D-DAC) - Universal Direct-buried Cable. Light-weight, non-metallic, direct-buried Access (customer drop) cable for universal applications. This cable is robust and longitudinally water-protected (for outdoor applications) and has a Low Smoke Zero Halogen outer sheath (for indoor application). The cable has a flexible, easy-strippable sheath and small diameter, making it perfectly suitable for indoor routing. The glass-fibres are dry-buffered, for fast and easy stripping and peeling. The D-DAC is suitable for installation outdoor (directly into the ground, above ground on facades) and indoor (horizontal and vertical cable channels). Especially due to its fully dry design (no jelly), the cable can be applied as riser cable.

This cable is intended for connecting homes in high-rise buildings (multi dwelling units - MDUs) and can be directly connected into the homes from the last underground distribution-point in the Access network, without any transition-points. This product offers a perfect, fast and cost effective solution for Fibre To The Home connections in MDUs.

For all cable-characteristics, we’d like to refer to the cable-datasheet attached. Samples can be supplied upon request. Datasheet

5.5.2014 A new commercial release of a cable-family LTMC PA 12 - 288f.

This new range is derived from the existing LTMC-family, but having different sheathing-material: Polyamide (PA, instead of HDPE). Due to its low friction material, combined with its hardness, LTMC PA is optimized for blowing in mini-tubes: longest possible blowing-distance with highest speed. The range is designed with smallest possible cable outer-diameter within our existing possibilities (of equipment, materials, etc.), by application of 200µm fibres (where possible).

Before release of actual new range, an (internal) blowing comparison test between LTMC (PE) 72f. and LTMC PA 72f. in duct 12/10 was executed, with following results:

Cable type Blowing time in 1400m duct Blowing distance in 1900m duct
LTMC 72f. 32 min. 1300 m.
LTMC PA 72f. 27 min. -15% ! 1900 m. +46% !

These figures show that LTMC PA significantly reduces labour costs at the installer, due to reduction of blowing time (since longer blowing distances can be achieved).These test-results, together with the positive feedback of many customers about the excellent behaviour of our recently introduced LTMC PA 6x24 in Ø6,7mm. art.n. 77214, gives sufficient reasons for introduction of this new family.

Although prices for LTMC PA are higher compared to PE-version (due to quite expensive outer-sheath material), the advantages for installer are obviously there!

17.4.2014 New ACE website

Dear business partner, the new ACE website has been online since a few days and welcomes you with an innovative design, improved navigation and functionality throughout, allowing you to access detailed information. ACE is the total concept for passive fibre optic networks for both Fibre to the Home (FTTH) as well as Fibre to the Business, Office and Industry (FTTB, FTTO and FTTI). ACE is recognized by ACE city, a virtual city where our unique solutions for POP, OSP and Subscriber come to life. A clear and modern design, wide range of (product) support, the new website gives you immediately the solution, information or advice you are looking for. In the months to come we continue to improve our website and keep you up to date. Of course we are open to suggestions. Do you miss anything on our site, please let us know.

7.3.2014 New product TKF optical cable 24x MuC SM ITU-T G.657.A1 74937 with outside diameter 3.0 mm!

We’re pleased to inform you about the commercial release of TKF MUC cable with 24 fibres ITU-T G.657.A1. This new customer drop cable consists of 250um fibres, has an outer diameter of about 3,0mm and is suitable for blowing into micro-tubes with an inner diameter of ≥ 4,0mm. This cable is meant for blowing over typical distances of about 350-400m (as of its position in the network). However, during TKF internal blowing tests was achieved distances of >800m in 7/4mm and >1100m in 7/5,5mm tubes. Delivery in fixed lengths of 4 or 6 km/drum (-/+5%), or deviating stock lengths. For all cable characteristics, we’d like to refer to the datasheet attached. Datasheet

19.2.2014 Catalogue PIPELIFE

Hereby you can download the new catalogue Pipelife electronically Pipelife catalogue 2014

25.11.2013 – New fiber optic 144x mini cable TKF LTMC PA 144 with an outer diameter only 6,7mm!

TKF has once gain confirmed its position as a leader in the fiber optic cable development and provides superior solutions for installations with requirements for high density fibers for new, as well as existing, installations. New minicable TKF LTMC PA 144x SM G.657.A1 200um, with an outer diameter only 6,7mm, is suitable for installation in mini-tubes of 12/8mm or 10/8mm size, or larger. LTMC PA 144 has an extra smooth polyamid outer sheath with a very low coefficient of friction, resulting in better times installation features. As a matter of course, there is a new generation of optical fiber with a diameter of 200um, which meets and exceeds performance requirements of ITU-T G.657.A1. Datasheet

15.-18.10.2013 – Acknowledgements for participating in the Exhibition ELOSYS 2013

Dear business partners,

We would like to thank you for accepting the invitation to the exhibition ELOSYS 2013. We believe that our meeting will be beneficial to further mutual trade cooperation.

15.10.2013 – Autumn Seminar SAKT

Dear business partners,

We would like to thank you for participating in an autumn seminar 2013, which was held under the auspices of the technical section SAKT a the company TESATEL s.r.o. Žilina. SAKT Presentation